Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

WilldoLLC and its subsidiaries and affiliates (“Company” or “we” or “us” or “our”) respect the privacy of its users. The privacy policy is designed to inform you as a user of the website about the types of information that company may gather about or collect from you in connection with your use of the website.  It is also aimed at explaining the conditions under which company uses and discloses that information, and your rights in relation to that information. Do not use this platform if you do not want your personal information to be handled in this manner. The personal information you shared is the information that will be used to identify you as an individual such as your e-mail address, your mobile number, and your name.

The Privacy Policy explains:

  • The kind of information we collect
  • How the information is used
  • How the information may be shared
  • How we choose to protect your information
  • The choices you have concerning that information
  • How you can reach us with questions regarding this Privacy Policy
  • The Willdo Safe Harbor Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy only applies to the information we collect on, (“Website”) and the information we collect on the mobile application, which includes both the mobile application for the professionals and the service users (the “Application”)


a) Information You Give Us

We use the voluntary information that you share with us while using the Willdo platform.

You may give us the following information if the Willdo platform is intended to request for professional service:

  • Your contact information which includes your name, your telephone number, your e-mail address, and your residential address.
  • Your home information which can include the type of appliances, the number of your bedrooms, the zip or postal code of where your home is situated, etc.
  • Your billing information such as your debit or credit card details, Google wallet, PayPal, and any other form of digital payment you may want to use.
  • The reviews and ratings of the professional service you engage through the platform.

The following information may be provided if you participate as a service professional on the Willdo platform:

  • Your contact information which includes your name, your telephone number, your e-mail address, and your residential address.
  • Your sign-in information which is your username and your password.
  • Your application information if you request to be considered to take part as a service professional on the Willdo platform. The skills you have, working eligibility, your experience, and how available you may be.
  • Your Social Security Number for a background checks if you stay in the US and you wish to take part as a service professional on the Willdo platform.

You may provide the following information if you wish to be an employee of Willdo and want to apply through the Willdo platform:

  • Your contact information which includes your name, your telephone number, your e-mail address, and your residential address.
  • Your LinkedIn profile and your resume.

More about the payment card information:

Even though users of the Willdo platform can submit debit/credit card information or other information to settle fees for services enjoyed through the Willdo platform; the information is not received by Willdo. The payment information shared by the user on the platform is transmitted to a third-party card processor directly through an internet connection which is secured by industry’s (SSL) Secure Socket Layer encryption machinery. The carrier of the payment mode then communicates Willdo and asks if the payment has been cleared without disclosing any information about the card payment.


You may choose to fill survey questions at your will on the Willdo platform for example, about how satisfied you are with the Willdo platform, your awareness of the features of the Willdo platform, and your Willdo platform engagements. In some cases, your provided survey information may be linked to the personal information provided in your Willdo profile such as your email address or your name. Your survey information when linked to your personal information becomes part of your personal information too.

b) Information We Gather Through Technology

In order to serve you better, we collect some information through technology. When you make use of the Willdo platform, we collect information about your interactions with the Willdo platform. In some cases, our third-party service providers may collect too. Few of these methods are described below:

Your IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) is collected when you use the Willdo platform. Your IP Address is regularly associated with the portal you browsed the internet with like your ISP (Internet Service Provider), association, company, or university. Although your IP Address may reveal your geographic area or ISP, Willdo cannot determine your identity based solely upon your IP Address.

However, the previous IP Address you used while accessing the Willdo platform may be linked to the personal information you provide us.

A unique identifier may also be collected from your mobile device, your personal computer, or another device you use to access the platform (“device identifier”). The number that is assigned automatically to your mobile device, your personal computer, or another device you use to access the platform. The device identifier may be linked to other information about your visit- information related to the pages you viewed to the personal information you provided like your name info.

Do We Use Cookies and Web Beacons?

Yes, we use cooked and Web Beacons

A “web beacon” is an embedded object in a web page or email that is mostly invisible to the users and permits Website operators to check if a user has viewed a particular email or a web page. We may use web beacons on the Willdo platform and emails to count users who have visited particular pages, viewed emails and to deliver co-branded services. Web beacons are not utilized to access user’s personally-identifying information. They are a technique we may use to compile aggregated statistics about Willdo platform usage. Web beacons collect only a limited set of information including a Web Cookie number, time and date of a page or email view and a description of the page which the web beacon is. You may not decline web beacons.

Your 'Do Not Track' setting

The platform does not support the DNT (Do Not Track) browser setting. Do Not Track is a browser preference you can set in other to let the websites you access know you do grant them access to your personal information.

We track your online activity over time and across online services and third-party websites. The web beacon, for example, helps us in determining the links or advertisers that brought you to our site. We use third-party service providers also to present advertisements to you based on your activities on the Willdo platform on other websites.

c) Information Collected by Mobile Applications

When you use the mobile App, it may automatically collect and store the following information gotten from your mobile device (“Mobile Device information”), with but not restricted to:

  • The internet browser type you use with the App.
  • The country site of your preference.
  • The operating system of your mobile.
  • Your mobile number and other identifiers assigned to your device with Your mobile’s IP Address, the mobile model, and manufacturer.

However, information about how you use the App may also be collected such as the time you spend when using the App, how you seldom use the App, the number of times you use a particular feature of the App at a given period, and the actions taken in the App. Additionally, information may be gathered on where the App is downloaded to help us decide which site is most active (“collectively “App Usage Information”)

We may also link both your App Usage Information and Mobile Device Information to your personal information provided which will be treated combine as personal information.

Location Tracking

If you’re using Willdo’s mobile application as a service professional (the “Pro’s App”), your geographic location will be collected through the use of GPS (Global Positioning System) information which we get from the Pro Portal. For more information about how we get the information, how it used, and whom we share it with, services professionals should refer to the Service Professional Agreement which will be made available on the Pro’s App and service web page. We do not collect any location information from service professionals seeking to take part in the Willdo platform and service users but only from Pros who have been granted participation on the Willdo platform.

If you’re using the Willdo’s mobile application for users (the “User’s App”) as a user, your location will be collected by using GPS information we received from the Pro Portal. Users that need more information about when we shared this information, how it is used, and with whom it is shared, should check the Service Agreement that will be made available on the user's App and web page. Location information collected is only from users who have been accepted to take part on the Willdo platform.

d) Information You Provide About A Third Party

If you like to use our referral service to tell a friend about the Willdo Platform, we may collect your friend's name and email address. We will automatically send your friend a one-time email inviting him or her to visit the Willdo Platform. We store this information only to send this one-time email and to track the success of our referral program. We do not utilize this data for any other marketing purpose unless we obtain consent from that person or we explicitly say otherwise. Please be aware that when you refer a friend, your e-mail address may be included in the message sent to your friend.

If you are using the Willdo Platform to request professional services, you may provide us ratings and reviews of the service professionals you engage through the Willdo Platform.


e) Information Provided About You by Third Parties

in order to serve you better, the information of you we collect through the Willdo platform with records we received from third-parties may be increased to help us tailor our content to you, and make offers of information that we think may be of importance to you. For example, websites like Google which advertisements are placed may tell us the ads of Willdo you click. This is mostly called “conversion tracking.”

Additionally, third-parties like Onfido or, People facts conduct background checks about service professionals, then, the results are shared by those third-parties with Willdo.

When you log in to a social network site like Facebook into Willdo, your Facebook account identification number and authentication token may be collected and used to provide your Willdo platform account access.

When you text (SMS) message or call a service user or service professional with the telephone number Willdo provided, Twilio will be used to mask your telephone number by Willdo. When this is going on, data call will be stored in real time by Willdo and Twilio including the call or text (SMS) message date and time, the content of the text (SMS) message, and the parties’ telephone numbers.

When you send messages to service users or service professionals in the App, Layers are used by Willdo in processing the communications. When this is going on, messages will be received and stored in real time will be received by Willdo and Layer including the message date and time, and the message content.

If you’re on Willdo as a service professional, information about you may be received in reviews and ratings from requestors that involve your professional services on the Willdo platform.

We will apply this Privacy Policy to any Personal Information received from third parties unless we have disclosed otherwise.

f) Information Provided By You to a Third Party

TheWilldo platform has a link to applications or sites owned by third-parties (“Third Party Sites”) including plug-ins like Twitter buttons from Third-party Sites.

For example, a third-party site such as,, or, may direct service professionals so that a background check can be conducted by the Third-Party Site. The service professionals may be asked to identify information to carry out background check by the Third-Party Site.

Some of the Third-Party Site may link to Willdo and share information with it. In such case, you may make available the booking information like your name, your mobile number, your email address, and your booking address to booking partner. Information can then be shared by the booking partner with us.

Willdo does not have any control over Third-party Sites and therefore cannot be held responsible for the information they collect from users. The information they collect is controlled by the Privacy Policy of their Website. We fully recommend and advise you to read a Third-Party Site’s Privacy Policy before you click or use their site.


We may use the data and information we collect to serve our users, promote and market our services, consider applicants, and develop your overall experience on the Willdo platform. There are some examples:

  • To schedule, reschedule, and cancel services.
  • To rate and review service professionals.
  • The provision of public account of service professionals
  • Addressing of service complaints.
  • To communicate with you by telephone, text message, email, in line with your choice.
  • Manage your payments for service.
  • Consideration of whether to involve service professionals on the platform.
  • Evaluation of job applications to work at Willdo.
  • Improving the customer service.
  • To send you promotional and marketing emails, unless you have previously rejected to be sent such emails.
  • To troubleshoot technical problems on the platform.
  • Responding to your feedback and questions.
  • To conduct research and analysis.
  • Running mobile or online raffles or other promotions.
  • Products and services advertising and marketing.
  • Evaluating and continuously improving the mobile and online user experience.
  • Prevent, discover, and investigate violations of Willdo platform’s Privacy Policy or the terms of use/service for the Mobile Application, investigating fraud/chargebacks or other matters.
  • To contact you in relation to how you use the Willdo platform and in our preference, modifications to the Willdo platform or/and the platform policies.

When you use the Willdo platform, you are giving your approval to receive and accept communications from us by text message, push notifications, email, and call the number you provided in your account. By agreeing to be contacted by Willdo, you fully understand and agree that you’ll receive communications that are generated by programmed telephone dialing systems or/and users/pros plus but not restricted to: communications that are functioning concerning your profile or the use of Willdo services, existing and new features updates, promotions communications that are run by us and those news regarding Willdo and its industry developments. If you feel like opting out of text messages, promotional emails, and other communications, you may do so by going through the unsubscribe options defined below. Charges of standard text messaging applied by your mobile phone carrier will relate to text messages we send. You accept that you are not obligated to consent to accept promotional messages as a circumstance of using the Willdo services or platform. You can decide to opt-out of getting promotional messages or texts or Willdo calls at any time. You may also decide to stop receiving all calls or texts from Willdo. However, you accept that opting out of these texts may affect your usage of the Willdo services.

The information that is defined in this section can be transferred, administered and stored in the United States and all other countries that may use greater or lesser protection of data laws. In every case, appropriate steps will be taken in accordance to protect your personal information defined herein.

Data Retention

The back-ups of the records containing your Personal Information are usually deleted after 9 months, but we may delete before that time at your request.


Your personal data/information is not shared, sold, rented, or traded to third parties other than the way this Privacy Policy has disclosed it at the time your information was provided. We share your data and information in the following ways;

  1. Service Professional Profiles and Reviews and Ratings by Requestors

We may display the service professional’s profiles that also perform on the Willdo platform. The profiles may include information about the professionals like their names, and their reviews and ratings provided by their customers. These profiles may be visible to all users of the Willdo platform.

We may post the first name, last names initial, the name of the neighborhood together with the review and ratings on the profile of the service professional if a user provides a review or rating about them. The reviews and ratings including your personal information you provided on the service professionals profile may be used by them for their own marketing purposes.

  1. Third Parties Providing Services on Our Behalf

Third party individuals and companies facilitate or provide specific part of the services we provide on the Willdo platform in place of us. These third parties may be provided with your information so they can do these services for us. They are required by us to secure your personal information like the way we have provided in this Privacy Policy. The following are some of the ways your information is shared with third party service providers;

  • We use third party services to help us do data analytics concerning your engagements with the Willdo platform. For instance, Google Analytics (view their Privacy Policy here) may track the pages visited by users on the site, whether coupon codes are used by users and the kind of services requested by users to know how users use the site.  

 However, in some cases, the third party service providers may share your information such as your email address and name, for their marketing purpose with other parties. You can email us at if you do not want your personal information to be shared.

The third-party service providers are used to analyze the way you use the App. For instance, we are provided reports by Yozio by showing the sites which all users download our App from along with  information such as your Device Identifier and IP Address on how the App is downloaded. Your personal information may be disclosed to an attorney during the process of getting legal advice.

  • We make use of PayPal as a third-party service provider in processing any information related to billing including the information you submit about your credit card.
  • When a Social Security Number is being provided for a background check by service professionals applying to take part on the Willdo platform from the United States, the SSL encryption is used for the transmitting the Social Security number to the server of the service provider. We securely provide service professionals from the U.S Social Security number to the check computer.
  • When you take part in Willdo Vault, KeyCafe is used by Hand Willdo which is a third party service provider to provide and store digital entry for your keys to service professionals taking part on the Willdo platform. A portion of this service
  1. If You Approve To Receive Information From Third Parties

We may present you with opportunities when making use of the Willdo platform to receive marketing offers or information from third parties. Agreeing for your personal information to be shared in other to receive the marketing offers and information may disclose your personal information to these third parties. The information you disclosed will be in line with the Privacy Policy of the third parties. We do not control these third parties Privacy Policy, so, you are advised to read and review their Privacy Policy before you share your information with them. if you decide later not to receive emails from these third parties, you will need to contact them directly.

  1. Booking Partners

Your personal information is shared with booking partners. We provide our booking partners upon request, with information about services you ordered through the Willdo platform.

  1. Contests and Promotions

We may offer contests and other forms of promotions (any, a “Promotion”) that may require the provision of personal information through the Willdo platform. When you participate in promotions, you automatically agree to the rules governing that promotion which require you to allow the sponsor of that promotion to use your voice or/and likeness, name in marketing or advertising connected with the promotion.Read the rules carefully. If you enter a promotion, third parties may be provided with your personal information or the administration of that promotion in connection with the public, including connection with prize fulfillment, winner selection, as the law requires or endorsed by the official rules of the promotion.

  1. Social Network Site Authentication

If you log-in to the Willdo platform through Twitter, Facebook, or other social network sites, your information is automatically shared with the social network site.

g) Administrative and Legal Reasons

Required Disclosures:

When there is a court order, civil discovery request, subpoena, and other legal requests, we may be obligated to disclose your personal information.

Legal Compliance and Protections:

We may disclose personal and account information when we are made to believe that disclosing it is important in compliance with the law or protecting the rights, safety, or property of Willdo, its users, and others. This may include disclosing or sharing your personal information with other organizations so as to prevent fraud and reduce credit risk.


  1. Corporate Transactions

We have the right to transfer and disclose your information along with your personal information;

  • To a previous operator, owner or co-owner of the Willdo platform.
  • When there is a consolidation, corporate merger, the sale of all of our membership interest or/and assets or any other corporate change which may include future purchases.


We do not consciously collect or maintain personally-identifying data and information from anyone under the age of 13 unless or except it’s permitted by law. Any person who provides personal information through the Willdo platform represents to us that he/she is 13 years of age or older. If we find out that personal information has been collected from persons under 13 years of age, then we will take the appropriate steps to make this information deleted.



The discretion and security of the personal information provided by you are very important to us. We have administrative, technical, and physical measures to make your personal information protected from unauthorized disclosure or access and improper use.

For instance, the information imputed when users book services are encrypted through SSL encryption. Credit card details are not stored on our servers, and SSL encryption is used to prevent your card information when it’s being transferred to our processor. Additionally, we restrict access to your personal information in our offices. Only personal information from employees to perform certain jobs likes the managers, sales representatives, and custom server staffs are allowed to access the personal information from users. These employees are reminded of our privacy practices. When a new policy is added, they are reminded or notified on the importance of privacy and what they can add to enhance the protection of our user’s personal information.

It’s important to protect against the unauthorized entrance to your password and to your computer. Remember to either logout or close your browser every time you are done with the site.

Please, take note that all our security measures to safeguard your account cannot be totally perfect. Therefore, we cannot fully guarantee your personal information is secure.


You can contact to modify, correct, delete or update or your Personal Information. You can also modify, correct, delete and update some of your Personal Information from your Willdo Platform account.

Additionally, you can modify or cancel the email messages you chose to be sent from the Willdo Platform by following instructions from the emails we send.


If there are questions or inquiry on this Privacy Policy, contact us through the below information. We will try to answer you promptly.


Mailing Address:

Willdo LLC.
P.O. Box 88061

Seattle WA 98138



If this Privacy Policy is changed, the modification will be posted on this page, and the date will be stated below.  If this Privacy Policy is materially changed in any way that it affects the way we disclose or use your personal information, you will be prominently notified by posting notices of the modifications before stating the date of effectiveness.